XR220D/XR220DII rotary drilling rig

Rotary Drilling Rig Manufacturer

Schwing Stetter exhibits its most prominent techniques in the constructional area and has already set the record in manufacturing most of the constructional equipments with the trailblazing features which are compact and applicable to every concrete and constructional works.As a rotary drilling rig manufacturer we fabricate equipments that are not only designed based on the state-of-art culture but also in the most innovative manner. It is of no wonder; you can find Schwing Stetter in all constructional fields or roads since they yield the best in the civil world at most competitive prices.

We have launched a new X series of ROTARY DRILLING RIG” used for pilling of highway, railway, bridges, buildings and other construction to drill the concrete cast-in-situ piles. They can be easily handled and mobilized without any heavy work load and they fit to any constructional environment without requiring much time to setup in the field.

XR220D/XR220DII Rotary Drilling Rig Features

Schwing Stetter as a rotary drilling rig manufacturer have fabricated the machine with advanced technology that helps reducing more manual input in the constructional area. Some of the features are given and explained as follows,

Single layer rope winding

The XR220D/XR220DII possesses single layer rope winding in main winch.We as a rotary drilling manufacturer have particularly inhibited this feature in a well-manner since it can gradually increase the rope life thereby increasing the service life of the rig. They are rigid and are efficient with increased operating speed.

Infrared camera

The infrared camera is attached inside the cab to observe the main winch operation at day and night. The manipulator can manipulate the winch winding and the steep of rope while drilling.

Support cylinder

This support cylinder can be easily coupled and are especially used while drilling tanks, pipes etc. with the aid of super punches.

Box -type steel structure

The highly strengthened box-type steel structure design makes the mast highly rigid; therefore the drill accuracy is improved.As well as, the patented parallelogram articulation structure actualizes a wider work range.

Centralized lubrication system

Standard centralized lubrication system allows easier maintenance without any breakdown since all the critical parts are lubricated at the correct intervals and ensures the safe operation of the machine. Also it accounts for the low energy consumption with high-level safety. In addition, the rotary drilling rig machine has passed CE certification of TÜV Rheinland group.

Optional configuration according to customers’ requirement (E.g., automatic positioning of slewing, crowd winch with CFA, hydraulic casing oscillator, DTH hammer) are available and has good compatibility with the standard machine.As a supplier of XR220D / XR220DII,this equipment is powered by supercharged CUMMINS engine with European III emission norms, meets the environmental pollution and energy conservation norms.


Engine Model

  • Engine Model - CUMMINS QSL-325
  • Rated Power - 242 kW


  • Working condition - 8968 x 4400 x 22180 mm | 8968 x 4400 x 22688* mm
  • Transportation condition - 16360 x 3250 x 3535 mm | 16785 x 3250 x 4305* mm

Rotary Drive

  • Max. Output torque - 220 kN-m
  • Rotary speed (standard mode) - 7 - 25 / 7 - 22* r/min

Drilling Dimensions

  • Max. Drilling Diameter - Ø2000 mm
  • Max. Drilling Depth - 67 (80 - on request) m

Main Winch

  • Max. Pulling force - 230 kN
  • Max. Line speed - 70 m/min

Operating Weight

  • Weight - 72/78* Ton