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Cold Milling Machine

Schwing Stetter is prominent in manufacturing cold milling machines with full hydraulic driving design attributes. The product is especially suitable for the maintenance and construction of city road and grade one or two highway. XM1003 series of the milling machine is our company first ideal model upgraded with four-wheel drive, small size, and large milling depth.

These cold milling machines are used for the fast, efficient removal of asphalt and for constructing roads and concrete pavements. In doing so, they create an extraordinary construction of new surface courses of uniform layer. With that, milling these individual pavement layers allows the material to be reclaimed in a particular process and is separated into the different mix types.


Schwing Stetter offers a comprehensive range of products to cater various multitudes of products and solutions to meet the different market-specific requirements of the construction. Schwing Stetter’s high level of customer-driven engineering expertise guarantees innovations in every product which meets all market demands.

Schwing Stetter supply products that are economically suitable and stands as the best solution not only to road widths, maximum transport weights but also for seasonal climates and infrastructure.

This new asphalt milling machine has special and notable features that are given as follows,

cold milling machine

The four round of the whole automatic is a significant increase in the braking effect of the whole machine, to ensure the safety of the construction.

flexible steering

Large steering ensures small turning radius and flexible steering making the milling machine (asphalt) to perform efficiently.

wheel rotation

The right leg rotation way, meet the narrow welt milling construction requirements.

dash board

The scientific layout of the operating table shows that the operation is simple, easy to use and easy to have a good visual field of work.


  • Engine Manufacturer/Model - Shanghai Diesel Engine/SC9DK220G3
  • Milling width - 1000 mm
  • Milling depth - 0-180 mm
  • Tool spacing - 18 mm
  • Emission standards - EURO III
  • Electrical system - 350 L
  • Operating weight - 180 mm
  • Tie form - Solid rubber type
  • Machine - 15600 kg