aerial work platform

Aerial Work Platform Manufacturer

Schwing Stetter conquers the best place in the manufacturing industry for decades and has succeeded in providing many customer-oriented products. The Aerial work platform is our recent work partnered with XCMG which allows the users to work efficiently under various civil constructional areas. This work platform is designed with a small boundary dimension and wide working range, that allows strong obstacle climbing ability with simple safe and reliable operation.

Our manufacturers have designed the machinery with electric low-meter crank arm and electric shear fork in the aspec of safety and suitability at various constructional fields. Since this elevated work platform is used in the inaccessible heights (from 4m-56m) they are widely used in the construction, repair, and maintenance of plant, fire-fighting industry, warehouses, airports, municipal engineering etc.

This work platform uses two types of lifts – Articulated and straight boom which aims at meeting customer demand with advanced motion optimization control program. They are easy to use and maintain and possess comprehensive safety protection inbuilt with it. The floating steering axle technology allows the operator to achieve balance adjustment, especially during the weight and man lift. Their positioning is accurate, safe and reliable adopting humanized operating space and lubrication free design.

Mobile Elevating Work Platform

Schwing Stetter manufactures equipment that are rigid and robust in nature contributing high service life with best steering and axle technology. One of the unique characteristics of the machinery is their adaptability in the constructional area i.e. they are compact, easily mobilized, and can be installed quickly regardless of their sizes. This equipment comes in different sizes and range based on the heights requirements and loading configurations. It is mandatory to have an aerial work platform if the work height exceeds 3m from the ground. This boom lift help in lifting weights, people, and other components easily and are opted for manual safety to maintain the risk-free environment.

Some of the prime features to specify are given below,

 Wheel Rotation

Challenge of narrow space

“£” type boom design improves the operational efficiency even in narrow space i.e. repositioning doesn’t take place since our zero tail swing can guarantee rotation within a limited space.

Machine Adaptability

Complex road condition

Their four-wheel drive with perfusion tyres and road adaptability features makes this product stand apart using the latest floating steering axle technology. The off-road chassis can be configured flexibly according to the road type.

Aerial Device Dashboard

Simple and efficient operation

Easy to use control panel and the ergonomic operational interface allows the operator to understand and operate efficiently thereby reducing the training period of these technologies.

Aerial Device Flexibility

Flexibility & efficiency

“£” type double link jib has characteristics of compact structure and flexible extension both vertically and horizontally with strong obstacle climbing ability.The 180_rotatable platform provides bigger operation range. Narrow type rotary table with compact structure can achieve “Zero tail wagging.”

Pavement Adaptability

Advance performance

The digital friendly control panel allows the user to control the full range operation visually making the operation simple.The Electro-Hydraulic proportional system control is accurate and efficient.Protective measures such as chassis incline protection, platform overload alarming, emergency landing, safety speed limit, flexible start-up technology are provided.

Aerial Work Platform

Super pavement adaptability

  • Four-wheel drive
  • Off-the-highway wide tire
  • New car axle floating technology

Allows strong driving power and increased road adaptability resulting in maximum climbing grade of 45%, which is of the highest level in the industry. To particularly specify, the cherry picker is the best kind among all mobilized lifts.


Since the Aerial work platform differs in size each of them has the specific range and work load to carry out.

Schwing Stetter manufacture four different type of platforms given below with different specifications,

1. GTJZ1012

  • Overall Length - 2485 mm
  • Overall Width - 1170 mm
  • Overall Height - 1908 mm
  • Wheel Base - 1871 mm
  • Maximum Working Height - 12 mm
  • Maximum Platform Height - 10 mm
  • Maximum Load Capacity - 320 kg
  • Total Weight - 3000 s

2. GTJZ1212

  • Overall Length - 2485 mm
  • Overall Width - 1190 mm
  • Overall Height - 2036 mm
  • Wheel Base - 1871 mm
  • Maximum Working Height - 13.8 mm
  • Maximum Platform Height - 11.8 mm
  • Maximum Load Capacity - 320 kg
  • Total Weight - 3150 s

3. GTBZ18A1

  • Overall Length - 9080 mm
  • Overall Width -2490 mm
  • Overall Height - 2680 mm
  • Wheel Base - 2500 mm
  • Maximum Working Height - 20.1 mm
  • Maximum Platform Height - 18.4 mm
  • Maximum Load Capacity - 230 kg
  • Total Weight - 10600 s

4. GTBZ22S

  • Overall Length - 10150 mm
  • Overall Width - 2490 mm
  • Overall Height - 2800 mm
  • Wheel Base - 2500 mm
  • Maximum Working Height - 23.7 mm
  • Maximum Platform Height - 22 mm
  • Maximum Load Capacity - 340 kg
  • Total Weight - 12500 s