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Presenting the Nimo, the anytime,anywhere mixer. This revolutionary product is the only mixer which is permitted to transport concrete during daytime.

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This mixer is mountable on any truck with a wheelbase of 3200mm. This small mixer can move far quicker through the heavy traffic prevalent in cities.

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Concrete on the go is a key factor today that has helped the RMC industry evolve. Transit mixers are the most visible among the range of 3 concreting equipment. But the common 6 m class Transit Mixers are not being allowed to ply inside city roads during the peak hours. It is because the Transit Mixers are offered on 16 tonner &higher capacity trucks which is classified as HCVs. 3 Schwing Stetter's Nimo, a 3 m .

Transit Mixers mounted on a 10 tonner truck (with 8.25 X 20 tyres) comes under the LCV category. Thus enables a continous concreting. Nimo is also ideal for delivering small loads of concrete to sites where it is not economically viable to send a larger mixer. The small size also means that it can enter narrower roads to deliver concrete. So if you want a quick moving mixer that can deliver concrete anywhere, anytime, the Nimo is the product for you. Contact us in the numbers/email Ids given below or contact your Schwing Stetter representative for further details.