Waste Water Treatment Plants - Wastewater Treatment Plants

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Pumping Solutions for Waste Water Treatment Plants


      Greater reliability and efficiency with SCHWING sludge pump systems

Cities, regions and many businesses worldwide employ Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP) for the purification of their waste water, thereby making an active contribution to the protection of the environment. But the reliability of the Treatment Plant greatly affects the operational safety and efficiency of up- and downstream systems.

Generally, pumping the accruing sludge is a fundamental process in the operation of the plant and it is mainly focused to be a safe and reliable operation. Thereby, high demands on the machines engaged.

Thus, for decades plant operators have put their trust in SCHWING sludge pump systems (KSP) for pumping sludge. By full-filling their trust we have manufactured sludge pump systems with operational safety of the WWTP, and with low-wear design to keep maintenance costs as low as possible.