Sludge Pump Technology - High Powered Schwing Sludge Pumps

An image of industrial sludge pump


Sludge Pump Technology


A machine – in our case a sludge pump-turns into a system – in our case a sludge conveying system. The problems facing our customers have changed gradually over the last decades and according to the above mentioned pattern. A small example of the requirements is shown in the illustration below. Your task begins, for example, with the transportation by truck and ends. With the (almost) complete disposal of the sludge. At Schwing, you will find competent dialogue partners who understand your problem in a personal meeting and who will prepare solutions together with you. The pipe transport of sludges showing very different consistencies and compositions is such a complex field that it makes system design based on experience a prime necessity.

SCHWING has gained extensive experience through decades of involvement in this area. In addition, we have developed important basic data and principles through selected research-based investigations, for example regarding pressure loss, filling degree, rheologic behavior of sludges as a function of pumping pressure, pumping distance and pumping speed. The know-how gained at SCHWING and by its staff ensures a customized, economic and environment friendly solution to the pumping problem.