Service Centre    

Over several years we have been marketing SCHWING Stetter equipment and sold innumerable quantity with a number of variants. Not only selling equipment but to attend to our customer totally after he/she buys a SCHWING Stetter product is what  we aim at SCHWING Stetter India. 

The main focus of our service center is to execute the repairs on SCHWING Stetterequipment, to factory level craftsmanship, irrespective of service center location, on the following are as 

  • Structural
  • Electrical
  • Power train
  • Hydraulic
  • Brain block
  • Paint and Decals

We can restore the equipment from the smallest leakage to damages sustained due to roll over accidents in quick turn around time, which injects new life into the equipment.

The various services offered from our Schwing Stetter service center are: