Schwing - XCMG Wheel Loader - ZL 50GN

Tier  BS III
Make  Wei Chai Power
Model WP10G220E333
Gross Power  207hp /154kW@ 2000rpm
Net Power  154kW
Peak torque 980 N.m @ 1400 rpm
Displacement  9.726 L
Number of cylinders 6
Aspiration  Turbo charged
Hydraulic System  
Controls   Polit operated
Main Pump Type  Gear Pump
Main Relief Valve pressure  175 Bar
Raise Time  ≤6 sec
Dump Time  ≤1 sec
Float down time  ≤4 sec
Total Cycle time  ≤11 sec


Length with Bucket Down  8165 mm
Width over Tires  3000 mm
Wheel base 3300 mm
Wheel Tread  2250 mm
Ground clearance  450 mm
Turn Angle, Either side 35
Maximum Grade ability  30
Turning radius, outside of tire 6720 mm
Turning radius, Centre of tire  6400 mm
Turning radius, Bucket carry  7200 mm