Schwing - XCMG Motor Grader - GR150

Rear ripper, Frontdozer blade and Mid - mounted ripper comes as optional attachments with every grader. These are hydraulically operated. The rippers can accommodate up to 11 teeth.

Overload Protection Worm-Gear Case:
The torque for operating the mold board is transmitted through a unique gear box, which not only transmits the torque but also acts as an overload protection by a patented slip mechanism for the board.

Slew Bearing:
Slew bearing of turn table is compact in structure and fully enclosed type. This gives an advantage of operating it in a dusty environment. The steel material provides lesser wear, longer service life and this is maintenance free structure.

Adjustable Spout with Double Slide-Way Mechanism:
Two adjustable slide ways are provided at the top and bottom of the blade to improve precision during maximum shoulder reach of the blade.