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SCHWING 997 Truck Scale

Your Truck Scale is the most important investment at your facility. It acts as your cash register, your measure for material reconciliation, inventory planning and profit protection from inward of raw material to out – bound finished RMC. Your truck scale should be rugged, accurate and reliable while offering you the lowest cost of ownership.

Process Integration

One stop solution for real time material reconciliation and Inventory Planning at RMC and Construction sites. Multiple batching plants can be integrated at project sites. Real time cross checking of accuracy of batching plant and truck scale. Standalone usage for all other nonconcrete material weighment like steel etc., at project sites. Customized inventory inward and material outward reports.

Rugged, Accurate & Reliable

Exclusively designed for weighing of high axle load vehicles at RMC Infrastructure, Construction, Ports and Project sites. Highest accuracy, greater reliability and less maintenance. Outstanding resistance to wear and corrosive atmospheres at project sites. User friendly weighing software Compatible to ERP / SAP Web Camera Integration option Precast civil foundation option Approval from RRSL, Govt of India.

Composite Design

Composite design of steel and concrete. Concrete to stay in compression and tensional forces are handled by the high strength steel structure below the concrete top deck. Complete Bolted design ensures quick and easy assembling, dismantling, transporting and re-assembling at project sites. Self-checking & center loaded swing link mounted and hermitically sealed heavy duty Double Ended Shear Beam Load cells. Platform Size.