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Water Chilling Plant              
Wherever concrete is produced and moved, where you will find Schwing Stetter Machinery. Within India, Germany, Austria, USA, Brazil, Russia, China as well more than 100 sales and service facilities, the every application is what makes Schwing-Stetter the No.1 system supplied for concrete machinery worldwide. 

Why Chilled Concrete is required?
In hot weather countries like India, the concrete temperature is an important concern. Quality, Strength, and Durability of High-performance concrete and mass concrete mainly depend on its temperature from the time of delivery up to the time of curing. Hot weather can lead to many problems in mixing, placing and curing of concrete. American concrete institute (ACI) committee 305 defines hot weather concrete as any combination of high ambient temperature, low relative humidity, wind velocity and solar radiation; the effects of any combination of the above can lead to rapid evaporation of moisture, which is the primary cause of plastic shrinkage cracks in concrete.