Other Products - Schwing Circular Distributors – RVH 18

Schwing Circular Distributors – RVH 18 :

RVH18 is a concrete distributor with DN 125 pipeline and bends with SCHWING interchangeable pipe couplings. This distributor is with  3-section hydraulic boom, has four self-supporting legs, foldable to make it within transport dimensions. The lightweight design of pedestal and split boom design enables easy lifting, keeping control of assembly weight in minimum.

RVH18 boom can reach  18 meters, with 3m concrete Hose fixed at the end. The leg can be placed on floor or barge or can be fixed in slip-form base.

The RVH18 is provided with a sophisticated remote control system with electric motor power pack. The movements of the boom can be controlled precisely. The counter weight for all operation with power pack isresting on a slewing base column.Suitable safety devices are provided to ensure accident-free and safe operation of the stationary boom.

RVH18 will enhance the mechanized concrete pouring and can avoid the cumbersome process of laying the pipelines. This can speed up the concrete pours with reduced manpower.

Technical Data:

Separate Placing Boom Model

RVH 18

Horizontal reach from centre of rotating axis, max


Vertical reach( max)

21 M

Slewing Range

360 deg

Concrete covering area

254 sq.m

Dia of pipeline

DN 125

End Hose length

3 M

Max weight during transport(with Ballast)

6571 Kg

Ballast weight

2400 Kg

First boom length


Second boom length

6.8 m

Third  boom length

4.4 m

Power requirement

10kW,3Ph 415V

Transport dimensions

10.9m(L)x 2.4m(W)x2.6m(H)

Container requirement- 40 feet closed