Issue No. Volume No. Year Quaterly Title Download
Issue19 Volume7 2017 Q3 Schwing Stetter India in Irrigation Projects
Issue18 Volume7 2017 Q2 Schwing Stetter India in Underwater Concreting
Issue17 Volume7 2016/2017 Q4/Q1 BAUMA CONEXPO INDIA
Issue16 Volume6 2016 Q3 Himalayan Tunnels with Schwing Stetter India
Issue15 Volume6 2016 Q2 SCHWING Stetter in Bauma 2016
Issue14 Volume6 2016 Q4/Q1 SCHWING Stetter in EXCON 2015
Issue13 Volume5 2015 Q3 Schwing Stetter in Thermal Power Projects
Issue12 Volume5 2015 Q2 Schwing Stetter in Go Green Projects
Issue11 Volume4 2014 &2015 Q4 / Q1 Leading the Change with Schwing Equipment
Issue10 Volume4 2014 Q1 - Q2 Concreting the Way of Life - Metro Rail Projects
Issue9 Volume4 2014 Q3 - Q4 Excellence in Concreting
Issue8 Volume3 2013 Q2 Showcasing the Concreting Future
Issue7 Volume3 2012 - 2013 Q4 -Q1 Leading Concrete Revolution
Issue6 Volume2 2012 Q3 Bridging India with Schwing Stetter Equipment
Issue5 Volume2 2012 Q2 Schwing Stetter for Airports
Issue4 Volume2 2012 Q1 Setting New Trends..
Issue3 Volume1 2011 Q4 Reach for Sky
Issue2 Volume1 2011 Q2 Going the Extra mile
Issue1 Volume1 2011 Q1 Concreting records galore!