Concrete Trailer Pumps  - SP 4800 / 8800

SCHWING portable concrete pumps are successfully deployed worldwide,whenever vast quantities of concrete have to be pumped over exceptionally long horizontal and vertical distances.In building and civil engineering projects, they are also fast, reliable and economically efficient in handling pumpable concrete under extreme conditions with regard to concrete designs, job sites and climate. When you want to go to the top, choose the pumps that have already been there - the range of heavy duty pumps manufactured by SCHWING are the perfect solutions for high power pumping. Pumps like SP 3000, SP 3600, SP 4800 and SP 8800 are the high pressure workhorse pumps that have topped out more high rise buildings than any other.

Rock Valve

Rock valve with reinforced axial bearing of the slewing shaft and additional slewing cylinder for valve switchover, designed for exceptionally tough usage. Extension units can be added to the feeding hopper (shown here without rubber border) to customer specifications. Transport lifting eyes are welded to the top of the support structure and integrated into the housing. The heart of the concrete pump is the Rock valve, patented in almost all industrialized countries and offering exemplary pumping characteristics, wearing properties and operational safety. 

Gear Box for Agitator Motor

When everything else is getting stronger, the agitator has to follow suit. The high torque of the agitator drive rotates the agitator paddles untiringly, even with very coarse concrete.

Control Block

The concrete pump assembly is safely housed between the sturdy longitudinal girders of the welded base frame. Yet the control block is readily accessible ( e.g. for reconnection to rod side or piston side).