Concrete Shotcreting Machines  - TSR 30.14

It is a Universal Shotcrete Machine driven by a diesel engine, equipped with a shotcrete pump and a telescopic boom for concrete spraying. The shotcrete pump has the ability to deliver 33 m3/hr of concrete at 59 bar.

The telescopic boom is extendable up to 14m. The boom can rotate 270 about y-axis. Both the pump and boom are driven by an electrical motor. Emergency operation of boom is carried out by a separate geared pump driven by vehicle's diesel engine. Spraying head consist of three hydraulic motors. Two hydraulic swivelling motors are for adjusting the nozzle rotation and one hydraulic revolving motor is for the nozzle oscillation.

Power-controlled hydrostatic drive unit with variable pump mounted directly to the diesel engine. Power to both axles is transmitted by means of hydrostatic variable motor via transfer case. Steering of vehicle is switchable to four-wheel steering, front-axle steering and crab steering. Open drivers stand equipped with ROPS/FOPS shelter. The vehicle can be driven in both directions by 0 rotating the stand to 180 . Hydraulically driven water pump of 200 bar for cleaning purpose. It is also equipped with a piston type dosing pump made up of stainless Steel.