Concrete Boom Pumps  - S 43 SX

SCHWING S 43 SX - India's largest boom on a 4 axle truck

Schwing Stetter redefines standards in the 40 m class with its S43SX truck-mounted concrete pump. Schwing RZ boom design combines the "Roll and Fold" boom with a Z-fold boom at the tip to offer 270 degree flexibility at the last boom section. The boom folding system also enables concreting work right up to the vehicle bumper. With an overall length of less than 12 m on a standard chassis this compact boom package does not extend beyond the machines outlet.

With the 270-degree Z-fold section at the tip of the boom, operators have a myriad of options for placement while shooting concrete up to 42.3 meters vertically, and 38.1 meters horizontally. The S 43 SX has an unfolding height of 8.7 meters for those low overhead situations and a slewing range of 740 degrees to suit many job site requirements. Its pipeline is a full DN-125 mm diameter. The S43 SX front outriggers extend along an arc, do not have to be swivelled or telescoped and can fit into even the smallest gaps at the construction site thanks to their low height that saves space and time. S43 SX outriggers are designed to be compact, with a fast set-up time. It requires an 8.3m outrigger spread (the spread is the same, front and rear) for maximum stability.

The standard Schwing Remote Control features twin joysticks for proportional boom control and pin-point accuracy. In addition, Schwing's Vector control is the only system providing two-way communication between the pump and the operator.

The "Generation 3" concrete pump is a low-maintenance, 164 m /hr unit that provides long, slow stroking action. The all-hydraulic design utilises Schwing Big Rock Valve, promoting maximum filling efficiency of the material cylinders even with harsh mixes.

An open circuit design provides continuous hydraulic oil flow for fuel efficiency, filtration and cooling. The S 43 SX can do infrastructure work, light commercial projects and bridges. In conjunction with the DN-125 pipeline, contractors can perform high-volume pours or provide a slow delivery with infinite volume control. A 600 liters water tank on the unit helps with clean-up at the yard or on the job site. Consistently lightweight design makes this machine a universal and flexible long-boom pump - both for medium-sized operations in downtown urban areas and on large construction sites.